C-band Micro strip Trainer kit (4 to 6 Ghz)

C-band Micro strip Trainer kit (4 to 6 Ghz)

The Advanced Microstrip Trainer Kit allows the students to study the principles of microstrip technology with specially made microstrip components. It is a very high precision bench top system, which uses up to date microstrip components to illustrate the essential features of the MIC field. It is designed to experimentally analyze the characteristics of microstrip components.

PART I: MIC Components
1. Low Pass Filter
2. Band Pass Filter
3. Band Stop Filter
4. Ring Resonator
5. Branch Line Coupler
6. Hybrid Ring Coupler
7. Parallel Coupled Line Coupler
8. Power Divider-I (without chip resistor)
9. Power Divider-II (with chip resistor)
10. Patch Antenna-I
11. Patch Antenna-II
12. Microwave Amplifier
13. Microstrip Transmission Line

1. C-Band Source with Power Supply
2. Detector
3. Coupler
4. Active Filter

1. Universal Test Jig
2. 50 Ohm Termination
3. Attenuator -6dB
4. Stand
5. SMA to BNC Cable
6. VSWR Meter
7. Source to Detector Biasing Cable

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