Satellite trainer Kit

Satellite trainer Kit


Simultaneous Communication of 3 different signals.
2400 - 2600 MHZ PLL microwave operation.
Communicate Audio, Video, Digital data, Tone, Voice waveforms etc.
Communication of external broad band digital and analog data.
Choice of different transmitting and receiving frequencies.
High power Low Noise transmission.
Built-in Microphone and Speaker for Voice link.
Detachable Dish Antenna at each station.
Estimation of S/N ratio, Fading etc.
Facility to attach Analog/Digital Communication Trainers.
Built-in speaker.

Uplink Transmitter
Transmit three signals simultaneously at each frequency
2400 - 2600 MHz transmitting frequencies.
4 MHz clock frequency
16 MHz Max. Bandwidth
Frequency Up-Down switch and LED indication
FM Modulation of Audio, Video.
5 & 5.5 MHz Audio Modulation and Max. 8 MHz Video Modulation
Detachable Dish Antenna.
Radiated Power output 25mW (approx.) with power control.
Transmit Audio, Video, Digital/Analog data, Tone, Voice waveforms etc.

Transponder with selectable frequency conversion.
Choice of 4 downlink frequencies 2400 - 2600 MHz
Rotary Switch and Tuner for selecting Uplink frequency, Link Fail switches
Detachable Dish Antennas.
Radiated power 25 mW Approx. with Variable gain control.

Downlink Receiver
Receives and demodulate three signals simultaneously.
Based on Eurostar Tuner.
Intermediate Frequency 479.6 MHZ.
2400 - 2600 MHz fix receiving frequencies
Variable tuner 2400 - 2600 MHz.
-60 dBm sensitivity at tuner input
Rotary Switch and Tuner for selecting Downlink frequency.
Built in speaker
Detachable Dish Antenna.

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